Back on Track!

After the last post I made on this blog, I started struggling with staying on the keto bandwagon. Even though I felt remarkably better when on keto and experienced great weight loss when I did manage to stick to it, I just could not avoid the temptation to give into my cravings.

Fortunately, life is full of second chances. I rededicated myself to the keto lifestyle on Jan. 28th. I did allow myself to indulge on Valentine's Day (and maybe a little bit the day after), but for the past month, Ive been doing fairly well. During my last appointment at the bariatric clinic on Jan 27th, I weighed in at 302 pounds. When I weighed myself yesterday morning (Feb. 24th), I was 290.

For most of this month that I've been back oin keto, I've been doing what is usually referred to as "lazy keto". I hadnt been formally tracking my food intake or counting calories. I just tried to keep an approximate count in my head of the carbs I consumed each day. As of Feb 23, I am now tracking every single thing I eat on I still think Cronometer is the best food tracking app and I recommend that everyone use it.

I did gain about 6 pounds during the Valentines day indulgement,  and am just now getting back to where I was before it happened. The day before my Valentines cheat, I weighed 291. So there was a bit of backtracking, but thankfully I have been able to repair the damage.

For anyone interested, here's a comparison pic of me after my first week back on keto. The pic on the left was taken the day I re-started keto on Jan. 28th and the pic on the right was taken 11 days later on Feb. 9th. I was down 9lbs at that time.

 That's all I have for now. Since I've gotten back on track, expect to see more frequent updates here and on my Instagram page! :)

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