The Road to Keto Isn't Always Perfect

Lately, I've gotten burnt out on always measuring my food and tracking every macro. So, I've been intentionally just allowing myself to eat what feels natural to me and not worrying about calories or the carb/protein ratio. I usually don't mind being regimented and tracking's kinda part of my personality to really get into things like charts and exact measurements. But lately, I just haven't been in that mode and it's okay.

No one said I have to be 100% militant about this from the start. I'm making myself realize that it's okay to ease into something and make mistakes at first as you adapt to a new way of life. Perfection doesn't happen overnight.

That being said, even though I've been eating somewhat freely the last 2 days, I've still managed to stay under 20 grams of carbs each day. My protein levels have been very high and I've gone over my recommended calories for weight loss, which is 1600. I'm probably doing more of a low carb diet right now than an actual ketogenic diet. I'm still waiting on Amazon to deliver my freaking scale. They're being really slow...the order hasn't even shipped yet. I think knowing where I stand weight-wise will help me stay on track. Right now, I have no idea if my weight is going up or down or even what it was when I started.

The last time I was weighed was at my doctor's appt on Oct 27 and I was 284 pounds. Who knows what I weigh now.

Here's what I ate today:

Here's my steak. In the bowl is spinach and avocado with cheese. I like mixing avocado with other things. Sometimes it's texture can be an issue for me when eating it by itself.

Here's my first attempt at a keto casserole. I made it the day before yesterday. It's ground turkey, spinach and cheese. I added a little cashew milk for creaminess. But it was probably not needed because the casserole ended up a bit goopy. It was good though.

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