Restarting the Ketogenic Diet - Day 1

As promised, today I threw out all of the junk/high carb food I had in my kitchen and bought groceries for my keto reboot. Today went fine, I had a few hunger pangs here and there throughout the day, but nothing major. I still eat only once a day. I'm also currently on antibiotics for h. pylori, which I have to continue to take for the next week. The burning feeling that I used to feel in my stomach sometimes is gone. It is a noticeable difference, so I'm glad my doctor decided to prescribe those medications. I have to have an endoscopy done in a few weeks to make sure I don't have any ulcers.

As part of my keto diet reboot, I did add one new food to my diet--La Tortilla Factory low carb tortillas. One large tortilla only has 6 net carbs and I think they taste pretty good. My meal today was ground turkey with spinach and avocado, so I just put some of it in the tortilla. I quite enjoyed it. They pretty much taste like a regular tortilla to me. I had read some reviews where people said they were "cardboardy", but I didn't experience that at all. My local Meijer has them in stock, so check your grocery store for them. If you cant find them in your area, they are available on Amazon:

7" La Tortilla Factory Whole Wheat Low Carb Tortillas

I still need to do my 30 mins of exercise for the day, which I am of course procrastinating on. I ordered some supplements from Amazon today and should get them early next week. When they come, I'll do a post on the supplements I take and why I take them. For now, I'll end this post by showing you my food log from CRONOMETER.

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