Day 4: Not Very Keto, But That's Okay!

I didnt eat keto today. I had my bariatric appointment and they required me to fast until I got there to do bloodwork. They advised me to bring a snack, so I went to circle K and bought almonds, pistachios and a meat/cheese stick combo thingie. All of which was keto friendly.

However, since the process was so long and drawn out (I had a 9:30am appointment, but didnt end up leaving the clinic until 12:45pm), I got hungry by the time they let me go. So I stopped off at A&W for some food. It was delicious.

Anyway, while at my appointment, I found out I'm currently 284 pounds, which is a lot less than I expected, especially with the way I've been eating whole Domino's pizzas the previous 2 weeks before starting the ketogenic diet. The surgeon was actually surprised at how few health problems I have compared to most people she sees at the clinic.

I told her I'm doing the keto diet and she said it was great. She thinks keto is an awesome way to lose weight and said in her experience as a bariatric surgeon, vegetarians tend to not lose as much weight after surgery. The clinic's dietician, however, thinks eating 100-150 grams of carbs is a better idea and thinks I should only do keto short term.

If all goes to plan, I should have surgery around late May 2018, depending on how fast my insurance is at approving the funding. I think removing my ability to eat large amounts at a time will greatly improve my efforts to keep weight off. I've never had a problem losing weight, it's keeping it off that has always been my biggest issue. I actually lose weight pretty quickly once I start a healthy eating plan, but something always ends up knocking me off the wagon after a month or so and I gain everything back, plus some.

Anyway, I'm not ashamed of myself for not eating keto today. It is what it is. I was super hungry, thrown off my usual routine and pressed for time. It was one day and tomorrow I will be back to eating my usual keto meal. It was my first time eating at A&W. Their root beer floats are just absolutely amazing. That was the best part of the meal for me. The burgers were good, and the fries were so-so.

I managed to take some pics for the site so you guys will know who's talking to you, lol. There will also be an About Me page listed in the sidebar. I'll try to take more pics in tighter clothes to better show my progress as I lose weight. But for now, here's what I look like as of this afternoon:

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