Day 3: Tommorow is my Bariatric Surgery Appointment

Today was fine. I felt good and nothing of importance really occurred. I made sure to add extra salt to my food today and I had no headaches or leg cramping like yesterday.

I go to the bariatric clinic tomorrow at 9am for my initial appointment where they'll do labs, a physical, etc. I'm not sure what they'll say about me doing the keto diet. I had to provide a list of everything I ate in the last 24 hours in my patient packet. They also told me not to eat anything after midnight, which I normally don't anyway. The funny thing is, they told me to bring a snack to eat after I have the labs done...but I don't snack. I just eat my one meal a day and that's it. So I'm not sure what to bring. I suppose if there is a store near the clinic, I could pick up a packet of nuts or something.

I really wish I had a scale to have a more accurate idea of my weight before I started the keto lifestyle. But I'll get my weight and fat percentage information tomorrow at the clinic, so that will be helpful. I swear, I will buy a scale with my next paycheck!

I still haven't started exercising like I said I was going to. I'm a procrastinator, especially when it comes to exercise. Once I start doing it, I'm good...its just that getting started is always a hurdle for me. I also want to buy some weights for strength training.

I plan to add some pictures of myself here soon and have an entire "About Me" page. It just kinda keeps slipping my mind. My memory the past couple years has been noticeably declining. Not sure what to do about it. If I don't remind myself to do most things by using alarms, calendars or notes, I tend to forget all about them until something or someone else reminds me.


My bathroom visits the past couple days have been on the watery side. I wonder if that's something that happens to everyone, or if its just how my body in particular is handling the dietary change. The frequency hasn't really changed, just the consistency. Also, that TOM will be starting today or tomorrow.

Okay, TMI time is over...for now. I felt slightly hungry about an hour ago, but it subsided. Right now I just feel like I wouldn't mind something to eat, but its not urgent. Anyway, thats Day 3 in the books.

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