Day 2: Why Simple Keto Weight Loss?

Day 2 has been fine so far. Just got off of work and ate my meal. Yes, I only eat once a day, aside from having tea with Brain Octane oil when I first get to work. It works for me. I'm no stranger to intermittent fasting. It's partly how I lost most of my weight years ago.

Anyway, after I posted yesterday, I realized that I never touched on why I decided to name this blog Simple Keto Weight Loss. The reason is quite simple...haha.

I have never been the type of person to follow a bunch of recipes and I can't afford to buy all kinds of expensive ingredients to make my meals. So I stick to the basics and I usually eat the same things every day once I find a combination of foods that fit my budget, desired macros and nutritional needs.

I see a lot of blogs that offer hundreds of ketogenic recipes, products, and low carb bread, pasta, cookies...etc. If I were to get into all that, I would fall right off the wagon. If my previous attempts at weight loss have taught me anything, it's that I ALWAYS get off track on any eating plan when I try to add too much variety or do "cheat days". Keeping things simple creates a routine in my mind. And having a set meal plan also draws a clear line in the sand that says..."THIS is the food I eat. If it's not on this plan, it's not a food I eat."

See? Simple.

Speaking of my eating plan, I did some more fine tuning this morning. I cut out the mushrooms, increased the spinach and decided to change my vitamins. I was using Nature's Way Alive Women's Gummies, but a serving (2 gummies) has 5 grams of carbs. So for the past couple days, I've only been consuming half of a half of one gummy because according to the nutritional info I was using on CRONOMETER, I thought that was the minimum amount I could take and still meet my complete daily needs for vitamin B1, which is the only nutrient that the vitamin provided that I still needed more of. I only get 50% of the B1 I need per day on my current meal plan.

HOWEVER...I figured out by comparing the label on my actual bottle of vitamins to what was on CRONOMETER, that the information on the site was WRONG. Whoever entered the nutritional info in for the vitamins put in that they contained 375 MILLIGRAMS of vitamin B1, when in fact it should be MICROGRAMS! There is a BIG difference between those two units of measurement!

I created my own entry for the vitamins with the correct info and it turns out that the dose I was taking only provided 4% more B1. Grrrr....

So, the vitamin isn't even worth taking because my nutritional needs (except B1, Iodine and Potassium) are met by the food I eat and/or other supplements I take. With that knowledge, I decided that I'm just going to get a B1 supplement and buy some iodized salt. Simple solution to a frustrating problem!

The potassium issue is a whole 'nother conundrum. I haven't figured out how to get 100% of my daily potassium needs while still staying below 20 net carbs per day. If anyone out there has figured it out, PLEASE TELL ME!! Potassium supplements are useless--they only provide up to 99mg...I need almost 1000 more milligrams to meet the RDA. And there's no way I'm taking 10 potassium tablets a day. So for now, I'm meeting 82% of my potassium needs and I'm okay with that for now.

I'd show you my food diary for today, but it looks just like yesterday's. Instead, I decided to show you what a day's worth of actual food looks like for me:

There it is...except for the tablespoon of Brain Octane oil I'll have with my tea later. It may not look like much (there's actually over a pound of greens in that bowl, trust me I weighed it), but I'm full and satisfied after eating it. Hunger levels these past two days while eating keto have been minimal, which is awesome. I only start to get hungry around the time I normally eat this meal, which is  around 9am, right after I get off work (third shift, yay! lol).

I mentioned in my first post that I cooked all the food I'd be eating this week on Monday (Oct. 23). Here's what that looks like...well, minus the two day's worth of food I've eaten so far. This is a huge, deep container that even with 2 days of food gone, still weighs 10+ pounds (my veggies and greens are layered under the chicken). It looks small in this picture for some reason, but it's a bunch of food that took over 2 hours for me to cook.

So there you have it, day 2 of my ketogenic weight loss journey. As this blog grows, I want it to become a resource and place where people can come to find helpful advice and a community. I'll keep working to make it better and we'll see how it goes!

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