Day 4: Not Very Keto, But That's Okay!

I didnt eat keto today. I had my bariatric appointment and they required me to fast until I got there to do bloodwork. They advised me to bring a snack, so I went to circle K and bought almonds, pistachios and a meat/cheese stick combo thingie. All of which was keto friendly.

However, since the process was so long and drawn out (I had a 9:30am appointment, but didnt end up leaving the clinic until 12:45pm), I got hungry by the time they let me go. So I stopped off at A&W for some food. It was delicious.

Anyway, while at my appointment, I found out I'm currently 284 pounds, which is a lot less than I expected, especially with the way I've been eating whole Domino's pizzas the previous 2 weeks before starting the ketogenic diet. The surgeon was actually surprised at how few health problems I have compared to most people she sees at the clinic.

I told her I'm doing the keto diet and she said it was great. She thinks keto is an awesome way to lose weight and said in her experience as a bariatric surgeon, vegetarians tend to not lose as much weight after surgery. The clinic's dietician, however, thinks eating 100-150 grams of carbs is a better idea and thinks I should only do keto short term.

If all goes to plan, I should have surgery around late May 2018, depending on how fast my insurance is at approving the funding. I think removing my ability to eat large amounts at a time will greatly improve my efforts to keep weight off. I've never had a problem losing weight, it's keeping it off that has always been my biggest issue. I actually lose weight pretty quickly once I start a healthy eating plan, but something always ends up knocking me off the wagon after a month or so and I gain everything back, plus some.

Anyway, I'm not ashamed of myself for not eating keto today. It is what it is. I was super hungry, thrown off my usual routine and pressed for time. It was one day and tomorrow I will be back to eating my usual keto meal. It was my first time eating at A&W. Their root beer floats are just absolutely amazing. That was the best part of the meal for me. The burgers were good, and the fries were so-so.

I managed to take some pics for the site so you guys will know who's talking to you, lol. There will also be an About Me page listed in the sidebar. I'll try to take more pics in tighter clothes to better show my progress as I lose weight. But for now, here's what I look like as of this afternoon:

Day 3: Tommorow is my Bariatric Surgery Appointment

Today was fine. I felt good and nothing of importance really occurred. I made sure to add extra salt to my food today and I had no headaches or leg cramping like yesterday.

I go to the bariatric clinic tomorrow at 9am for my initial appointment where they'll do labs, a physical, etc. I'm not sure what they'll say about me doing the keto diet. I had to provide a list of everything I ate in the last 24 hours in my patient packet. They also told me not to eat anything after midnight, which I normally don't anyway. The funny thing is, they told me to bring a snack to eat after I have the labs done...but I don't snack. I just eat my one meal a day and that's it. So I'm not sure what to bring. I suppose if there is a store near the clinic, I could pick up a packet of nuts or something.

I really wish I had a scale to have a more accurate idea of my weight before I started the keto lifestyle. But I'll get my weight and fat percentage information tomorrow at the clinic, so that will be helpful. I swear, I will buy a scale with my next paycheck!

I still haven't started exercising like I said I was going to. I'm a procrastinator, especially when it comes to exercise. Once I start doing it, I'm good...its just that getting started is always a hurdle for me. I also want to buy some weights for strength training.

I plan to add some pictures of myself here soon and have an entire "About Me" page. It just kinda keeps slipping my mind. My memory the past couple years has been noticeably declining. Not sure what to do about it. If I don't remind myself to do most things by using alarms, calendars or notes, I tend to forget all about them until something or someone else reminds me.


My bathroom visits the past couple days have been on the watery side. I wonder if that's something that happens to everyone, or if its just how my body in particular is handling the dietary change. The frequency hasn't really changed, just the consistency. Also, that TOM will be starting today or tomorrow.

Okay, TMI time is over...for now. I felt slightly hungry about an hour ago, but it subsided. Right now I just feel like I wouldn't mind something to eat, but its not urgent. Anyway, thats Day 3 in the books.

How to Get More Potassium and Electrolytes on a Low Carb/Ketogenic Diet


I literally just discovered the solution to my issue of not being able to completely meet the RDA of 4700mg for potassium. And it's such a simple and cheap solution that I feel dumb for not thinking of it earlier.

I didn't come up with it on my own however, so I will need to give credit to Martina and her KetoDiet Blog post entitled, "Keto-flu" and Sufficient Intake of Electrolytes". Her suggestion of using lite salt to increase potassium consumption is exactly the kind of solution I've been looking for!

Lite salt contains potassium chloride and 1/4 of a teaspoon contains 350mg of potassium! I plan to buy some Morton Lite Salt tomorrow. It also has some iodine, so that's an added plus for me since I also need more iodine in my diet.

Morton Lite Salt costs about $6 for 11oz, so it's super cheap. You can get it on Amazon here: Morton Salt Lite Salt, Less Sodium, 11 oz.

I'm so happy I finally found this stuff! Hopefully, it will help anyone else who is lacking potassium in their low carb diet as well.





Day 2: Why Simple Keto Weight Loss?

Day 2 has been fine so far. Just got off of work and ate my meal. Yes, I only eat once a day, aside from having tea with Brain Octane oil when I first get to work. It works for me. I'm no stranger to intermittent fasting. It's partly how I lost most of my weight years ago.

Anyway, after I posted yesterday, I realized that I never touched on why I decided to name this blog Simple Keto Weight Loss. The reason is quite simple...haha.

I have never been the type of person to follow a bunch of recipes and I can't afford to buy all kinds of expensive ingredients to make my meals. So I stick to the basics and I usually eat the same things every day once I find a combination of foods that fit my budget, desired macros and nutritional needs.

I see a lot of blogs that offer hundreds of ketogenic recipes, products, and low carb bread, pasta, cookies...etc. If I were to get into all that, I would fall right off the wagon. If my previous attempts at weight loss have taught me anything, it's that I ALWAYS get off track on any eating plan when I try to add too much variety or do "cheat days". Keeping things simple creates a routine in my mind. And having a set meal plan also draws a clear line in the sand that says..."THIS is the food I eat. If it's not on this plan, it's not a food I eat."

See? Simple.

Speaking of my eating plan, I did some more fine tuning this morning. I cut out the mushrooms, increased the spinach and decided to change my vitamins. I was using Nature's Way Alive Women's Gummies, but a serving (2 gummies) has 5 grams of carbs. So for the past couple days, I've only been consuming half of a half of one gummy because according to the nutritional info I was using on CRONOMETER, I thought that was the minimum amount I could take and still meet my complete daily needs for vitamin B1, which is the only nutrient that the vitamin provided that I still needed more of. I only get 50% of the B1 I need per day on my current meal plan.

HOWEVER...I figured out by comparing the label on my actual bottle of vitamins to what was on CRONOMETER, that the information on the site was WRONG. Whoever entered the nutritional info in for the vitamins put in that they contained 375 MILLIGRAMS of vitamin B1, when in fact it should be MICROGRAMS! There is a BIG difference between those two units of measurement!

I created my own entry for the vitamins with the correct info and it turns out that the dose I was taking only provided 4% more B1. Grrrr....

So, the vitamin isn't even worth taking because my nutritional needs (except B1, Iodine and Potassium) are met by the food I eat and/or other supplements I take. With that knowledge, I decided that I'm just going to get a B1 supplement and buy some iodized salt. Simple solution to a frustrating problem!

The potassium issue is a whole 'nother conundrum. I haven't figured out how to get 100% of my daily potassium needs while still staying below 20 net carbs per day. If anyone out there has figured it out, PLEASE TELL ME!! Potassium supplements are useless--they only provide up to 99mg...I need almost 1000 more milligrams to meet the RDA. And there's no way I'm taking 10 potassium tablets a day. So for now, I'm meeting 82% of my potassium needs and I'm okay with that for now.

I'd show you my food diary for today, but it looks just like yesterday's. Instead, I decided to show you what a day's worth of actual food looks like for me:

There it is...except for the tablespoon of Brain Octane oil I'll have with my tea later. It may not look like much (there's actually over a pound of greens in that bowl, trust me I weighed it), but I'm full and satisfied after eating it. Hunger levels these past two days while eating keto have been minimal, which is awesome. I only start to get hungry around the time I normally eat this meal, which is  around 9am, right after I get off work (third shift, yay! lol).

I mentioned in my first post that I cooked all the food I'd be eating this week on Monday (Oct. 23). Here's what that looks like...well, minus the two day's worth of food I've eaten so far. This is a huge, deep container that even with 2 days of food gone, still weighs 10+ pounds (my veggies and greens are layered under the chicken). It looks small in this picture for some reason, but it's a bunch of food that took over 2 hours for me to cook.

So there you have it, day 2 of my ketogenic weight loss journey. As this blog grows, I want it to become a resource and place where people can come to find helpful advice and a community. I'll keep working to make it better and we'll see how it goes!

Day 1: Starting the Ketogenic Diet - Introduction

Hey, my name's Eris and I'm fat. Really fat. About 300 pounds. I say about because I don't have a scale yet and I'm using my best guesstimate. I last weighed myself approximately a month ago and I was 283. At the time, I was doing my best to follow a high carb vegetarian diet. Needless to say, that didnt last.

I eventually found myself ordering Dominos and Chinese food like it was going out of style. I just couldn't control myself. Actually, up until yesterday, I was ordering from Dominos EVERY SINGLE DAY.  So, I know that I've regained the almost 20 pounds I lost being vegetarian(starting weight in August was 305)....and probably a little more. I will get a scale soon to track my progress.

I've watched a lot of videos on Youtube about the ketogenic diet and the Paleo diet. While the Paleo diet never interested me much, something about the keto diet stuck with me. I've done low carb before on the Atkins diet, but eating so much meat all the time got old really quick for me. After a couple weeks, I was dying to eat something that wasn't brown or beige.

But the Keto diet seemed different to me because it placed more importance on eating vegetables and moderate protein. The concept of eating a high fat diet seemed sketchy to me at first until I watched some videos from doctors and experts on Youtube who support Keto. the video series I watched the most is called Low Carb Down Under. It apparently is a yearly event at which various low carb experts go to speak and present their research. I find it all fascinating.

So after months of learning about keto, I finally decided to give it a try for myself. Funny thing is, I have an appointment at a bariatric surgery clinic on Oct. 27. Perhaps this way of life could make that surgery unnecessary for me. We'll just have to see. For now, I'm keeping my appointment as scheduled.

I technically started the keto diet yesterday. I prepped all the food I'd need for a week after coming up with an eating plan using CRONOMETER.  I wanted to make sure I got as many nutrients as I could while still eating low carb. I was able to come up with a plan that had about 21 net carbs. The one thing I had and still have a problem getting enough of is potassium. The reason I count today as my official day 1 is because I changed my eating plan after using the keto calculator I found here: They seem to know what they're talking about regarding keto, so I made some adjustments to my plan to fit more closely to their suggestions.

Here's what I ate yesterday (click to see full size image):

According to the Keto Calculator, I had too little calories and fat, too many carbs and too much protein. Here's what I plan to eat today (click to see full size image):

I still wasn't quite able to meet the amount of fat grams they suggested, which was 137 grams, but everything else looks good to me. I even managed to get my potassium level to a decent 87 percent. It is really hard to get enough potassium on a low carb diet. If I hadn't discovered that beet greens were so high in it, I'd still be struggling with getting enough. I do actually have to buy whole beets just to get the greens, but that's just a necessary part of what I have to do for now. I throw the beets outside for the various animals that habitate my backyard.

In addition to starting this blog, I also created an Instagram page where I will also post pics of my progress, meals and food diaries. Just look up SimpleKetoWeightLoss on Instagram or you can use  the link:

So far, I feel pretty good and energetic. I work third shift, so it's currently 6:38am eastern time. I start work at midnight and get off at 8am.  When I got here, I made some tea (Yogi positive energy, peppermint and 1 tblspn Brain Octane oil). I think that's why I feel so full of energy. I live a mile from my job and I usually ride my electric scooter and walk here and back. There are some parts of the way that I cannot ride the scooter, so I have to do a little walking.

But I plan to do even more by getting out my trusty Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. I used them 4 years ago when I lost 80 pounds. They were my main form of exercise. I suffer from social anxiety, so I dont like going to gyms or exercising where a lot of people can see me. I like to stay to myself. I did notice back when I lost those 80 pounds that I was a lot more outgoing and people were more open to me. I hope to experience that again one day and I definitely want to start dating. My dream is to get married and have at least 2 kids. I turned 33 years old in August, so I don't have much time left to accomplish that. I've wasted so much of my life being fat, nervous and alone.

Well, to end on a positive note, I'm pleased so far. I'm full of energy, I don't feel hungry and I'm excited to be starting something new. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.